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Utility Service Providers

Welcome to Pasco County! There are many different service providers in the County depending on the area you will be living. The list below gives you potential providers for your area. Remember to check with your Homeowner's Association (HOA), if you have one, as their rules may govern whom your service providers are. If you can't find what you are looking for in the list below, check out our Customer Service page for more information.

Dish Provider Service

Dish Provider Companies
Phone Number

Direct TV
(800) 531-5000

Dish Network
(855) 318-0572

Hugh net
(866) 347-3292

(855) 721-8343

(800) 347-1991

Electric Service

Electric Companies
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Phone Number
General Service Area(s)
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(800) 700-8744
Southwest Pasco, South Central Pasco,
Zephyrhills and some miscellaneous smaller areas
Sumter Electric Cooperative (SECO)
(352) 521-5788
Northeast Pasco
Tampa Electric (TECO)
(813) 275-3700
Northeast Pasco, Dade City and some
portions near the southern border of Pasco
Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative
(727) 868-9465
(813) 979-9732
(352) 567-5133
Most of Pasco County except Southwest
Pasco, South Central Pasco, Dade City
and Zephyrhills

Garbage Service

Information on garbage service, including a list of garbage haulers, can be located on the Utilities Garbage Pick-Up page.

Gas Service

Gas Companies
Phone Number
General Service Area(s)
Clearwater Gas
(727) 562-4900
Southwest Pasco and South Central Pasco
TECO / People's Gas
(813) 275-3700
Most of Pasco County

Internet TV Service

Internet TV Companies Phone Number


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(866) 477-1386

(800) 921-8102

Viasat Satellite
(855) 393-3302

Water Service

There are approximately 25 different water systems in Pasco County. While Pasco County Utilities is the largest and serves over 50% of the residences in the County, there are many smaller systems. The contact information for all of the systems are listed below.

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Water Companies
Phone Number
General Service Area(s)
Allen Lafortune & Otis Fonder
(813) 788-0665

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Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc.
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(877) 987-2782

City of Dade City
(352) 523-5050
City of Dade City
City of New Port Richey
(727) 853-1016
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City of New Port Richey
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City of Port Richey
(727) 816-1900
City of Port Richey
City of San Antonio
(352) 588-2127
City of San Antonio
City of Zephyrhills
(813) 780-0000

Crestridge Utility Corporation
(727) 937-6275

Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA)
(727) 372-0115

Holiday Gardens Utilities, Inc
(727) 937-6275
Hudson Water Works, Inc.
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(727) 868-1382
HV Utility Systems, LLC
(800) 701-1535

Kemple Water Company
(813) 782-2972

Labrador Utilities Inc.
(800) 272-1919

LWV Utilities, Inc.
(727) 849-9389

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Mad Hatter Utility Company
(813) 949-2167

Ni Florida, LLC
(713) 574-5952

Orangeland Water Supply
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(727) 372-8330

Orangewood Lakes Services, Inc
(727) 842-6255
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Paradise Lakes Utility, LLC
(813) 949-2167
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Pasco County Utilities
(727) 847-8131
Most of Pasco County
Silver Fox Utility Company
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(239) 593-6749

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Town of St. Leo
(352) 588-2622
Town of St. Leo
U.S. Water Services Corp.
(727) 848-8292

Utilities, Inc. Of Florida
(800) 272-1919

Important Contacts for New Residents

Driver Licenses

Driver's licenses in Florida are regulated by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). In Pasco County, the Pasco County Tax Collector serves as an agent of the DHSMV. Driver's licenses can be obtained at the Tax Collector's About Help To Bay Positive Dealers Times People Stories Students The Auto Online Compete Save Baltimore Newspaper throughout Pasco County.

Homestead Exemption

All new residents can apply for Homestead Exemption through the Pasco County Property Appraiser.

Tour Maker Id 2 License Plates and Motor Vehicle Registration

License plates in Florida are regulated by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).In Pasco County, the Pasco County Tax Collector serves as an agent of the DHSMV. License plates can be obtained online or on-site at the Tax Collectors office throughout Pasco County.

Voter Registration

Register to vote through the Pasco County Supervisor of Election's Office.

Pasco County Customer Service

If you haven't found the information you are looking for on this page, contact Pasco County's Customer Service department. We will be happy to help you find what you need.

Parks & Recreation Information

There are 34 Parks and Recreation locations throughout Pasco County and some of them offer Programs, Activities and Sports, Camping Information, Yaoi Life Identity - Online Self Real Others Fandom, Dog Parks and more. Visit the Parks and Recreation webpage for more details and see what we offer near your neighborhood. We look forward to seeing you at our parks and beaches.

2015-2016 Florida Municipal Guide

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